Recovery Is Good For You Speaker Tapes

The Joe and Charlie series are, in my mind, the best Big Book study tapes you will find. They take you on an outstanding journey through Chapter 5. I have included the entire series here along with links to the text painstaking transcibed by two of the most dedicated AA service people I have met.

Joe & Charlie Part 1
Joe & Charlie Part 4
Joe & Charlie Part 7
Joe & Charlie Part 2
Joe & Charlie Part 5
Joe & Charlie Part 8
Joe & Charlie Part 3 Joe & Charlie Part 6

Joe & Charlie Text (PDF)
Joe & Charlie Text (Word)

Joe & Charlie Worksheets (Word)
4th Step Worksheet (Word)

Jack B
Jim Wi
Johnnie H
Jack B
Jimi Z
Johnnie McK
Jack K
Jimmy D
Johnny H
Jack K
Jimmy S
Joyce W
Jack P
Joby N
Julie R
Jack S
Joe A
Julie T
Jack The Marine
Joe G
June G
Jack W
Joe H
June G
James D
Joe McC

James M
Joe N

Jan P
Joe R

J.C. H.
John A

Jean K
John C

Jerome S
John G

Jerry J
John L

Jerry L
John N

Jerry M
John P

Jill S
John R

Jim H
John S

Jim McN
John T

Jim W
John V