Recovery Is Good For You

These pages are devoted to those who have, and those who wish to recover from seemingly
hopeless conditions of mind, body and spirit. While I expect that most contributions will
be consistent with Alcoholics Anonymous and other conventional 12-Step Recovery Programs,
it is not my intention to limit this page to those recovery topics.

This page started out in early 1995 as a means for me to be of service
by providing information on the International AA Convention in my
home of sunny San Diego. If you have suggestions
for added content, please let me know.
To send your suggestions please use this
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Speaker Tapes For Free Download
All of my tapes have been converted from RealMedia to MP3 format.
Some made the conversion well, some did not. In all cases I did my best
to preserve sound quality. For those of you that still want the older
RealMedia files, about 100 of them are available at
All new tape/CD to file conversions will be directly to MP3 at high quality settings.

Please do not replace supporting your local or national taping service
by using this site. Let's face it. Without their hard work, this site would not be
possible. Also, many tapes you hear on this site were donated by taping companies knowing
that I would be providing for free, what they must charge for. They made those
donations to this site in the spirit of carrying the message. Please return the favor if you can.

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